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Dec 27, 2016
Episode 76: Terminator Wolf in Sheep's Clothing ft DJ Moffett

In which internet car info icon DJ Moffett comes to the studio to rap about this and that; DJ's aunt uses veterinary lingo; he tells us about his love for old time radio; KC does Christmas cards for the first time!; DJ rolled that Cross Country life; University Place might have been Chambers Bay; DJ grew up in sight of the Asarco smokestack so we talk pollution; mean moms and only-children; asian parents and white hooligans; DJ makes an impassioned appeal for publicly funded media; don't leave goldfish in the parking lot; some plugs, and more!


Songs in this episode:


"Sleigh Ride" - fun.

"Baby It's Cold Outside (consent remix)" - Dara Laine & John Weselcouch

Dec 11, 2016
Episode 75: That's The Trump In Me ft Andrew Rivers

In which local celebrity Andrew J Rivers stops by the studio to be interviewed by Jeff and KC; KC undermines Jeff; Andrew is not a Snohomie but did grow up with mostly white people; we learn that a marina worker is not fond of gorillas; Trump wins and Andrew's dad has some underwhelming words of encouragement; Andrew's been putting some political stuff into his act; he did some of it in Texas and Indiana; folks are upset about Trump's newest lies but Andrew sets the record straight (SPOILER ALERT: he's been lying THIS WHOLE TIME!); the conservatives he knows were convinced he'd lose also; Trump's race whistle blows; Andrew has friends; they have proof of global warming; Andrew buys a water heater; an Asian woman driver brings out the Trump in him; conservatives don't care how dumb their voters are; Electoral college wishes; Andrew talks about losing his job and losing the next before he even got hired; John Roy's advice about comedy writing; the North Remembers; San Antonio has a secret show; his is not a swipable face; offensive linemen aren't sexy; Andrew turns the tables and interviews KC; she talks derby, college, and career; Andrew and KC bro down about online dating; KC finds a hobo on bumblr; Jeff loves Christmas because that's the only time he was let out of marriage prison; Andrew digs that sweet Sansa action; plugs are discussed; Andrew shows his dangle to a prospective lady; Andrew has a podcast (and a YouTube series!); Andrew: "We're Facebook friends because I don't like you"; and more!


Shoutouts in this episode:


John Roy, Jon Ryan, Kermit Apio, Casey McLain, Jim Stewart Allen, Monica Nevi, Mike Coletta, Derek Sheen, Jill Silva, Colin Kaepernick, Drew Barth, Manny Martin, Tyler Lockett, Sarah Colonna, Jon Ryan, Todd McComas, Pat Macafee, Jesse Case, Christopher Titus


Closing Song: "Scars To Your Beautiful" by Alessia Caro




Roast of Tyler Lockett hosted by Andrew Rivers, Sunday December 18th - Parlor Live in Bellevue

Laffs in Tucson (check his website for the dates and deets-




Mental Illness Happy Hour with Paul Gilmartin

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Monday Morning Quarterback with Bill Burr

Don't Quit Your Night Job (with Andrew Rivers!)

A Waste of Time with Its the Real

How Comedy Works with Wendy and Rick

Jesse vs Cancer


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Nov 27, 2016
Episode 74: Like A Secret Monster ft Anthony Blair-Borders

In which we welcome graphic designer, comic artist, and blogger Anthony Blair-Borders to the studio; he and his wife become T-Town virgins; we hear of big parades in the Castro; tech bros edging people out of the Bay Area; Anthony wears a Murakami Zelda shirt; Tacoma has a soul; Tacomans like their pets, especially if they're at zoos; octopuses can pick locks; Dale Chihuly isn't that bad; we talk zines; Anthony tells of his childhood; Vietnam and schizophrenia happened; boy makes small warnings; Anthony draws monsters; 1000 yards of staring; Mom's life was like a Philip K. Dick novel; Anthony gets an award; Anthony's wife is funny af; Anthony draws Iron Maiden album covers; Anthony felt like a secret monster; Anthony gushes about his kids; we share our writing and talk about it; KC can't say Galifanakis; and more!


Closing Song: "Saw Her Standing There" - The Beatles

Nov 24, 2016

Evening Magazine and KING 5 fans: If you cane over to listen to the NarBar Podcast with Josh Firestine and Narin Vann, you're in luck! They have their own podcast stream now, available on ITunes and Soundcloud!


Here's the link to their Soundcloud page:


And iTunes:


Thanks so mucb for listening, and keep in touch! Keep being awesome!

Nov 19, 2016
Episode 73: Cross Country Funny ft Jamal Harrington

In which Jeff and KC go to the Hangar to see Jamal Harrington do comedy; Jamal needs so many bitters in his club soda to look like toilet water; Jeff drops KC off at the Rapture; Veterans Day gets a mention; South Hill is the suburbs to the suburbs; strip club weirdness; Blue Star Donuts and Denny's Grand Slams; KC's never left Tacoma; KC tells a wicked roller derby tale; Jamal dates a Rat City Roller Girl; Gotham beat by Rose City in Portland; Jimmy Graham leaps over a dude; Jamal extols the virtues of being a NY Giants fan; Marshawn Lynch throws skittles; Jamal is putting on a show in Plaska, Texas to honor his cross country coach; Justin Hayes and Robert Moore will be there; Jamal likes Jefe's radio voice; Billy Crudup played Pre in Without Limits; If Jamal's not nervous, something's wrong; Love is in the 253; Susan Jones is headlining the next JAMCO show at the Renton Civic Theater; Jeff's pretty sure Tallahassee is the capitol of Florida; Josh Firestine has a show Tuesday at Jazzbones with Toby Roberts; and the Women of Star Wars Art Show is happening at Destiny City Comics.


Podcast: Decoding Westworld


Closing Song: "Everything is Wrong" by Interpol

Nov 11, 2016
Episode 72: Partay With The Derbay - KC's 30th Birthday

In which Jeff and KC travel to sunny Portland for her birthday; we brave I-5, multiple Denny's; WFTDA Roller Derby Championships; and all sorts of other stuff so listen! Big ups to all the people who helped make KC's birthday really fun, including but not limited to Dot Tsunami, Jill Dozer, Janys Murphy, Polly Pocketknife, Amy and Mark - you guys are awesome!


Closing Song - "Smile" by Portugal. The Man

Oct 27, 2016

Hey guys, got an important (?) message for ya here: we are frazzled af over here at Everything is Awesome headquarters. KC is back at it with roller derby, I'm smack in the middle of a depressive trough, she's pulling down extra hours at her many day jobs, and the program we use to edit is driving me effing insane (sorry, Erica!) We have so many great interviews lined up, including a legit Pacific Northwest rock star from the 90s, a marijuana advocate and weed shop pioneer, and tons more amazing local comics, but the fact is we do this show for love and not money, which means putting out an episode a week is just way too stressful.


If y'all could find a way to help us do this faster and with less stress that would be kickass, but until we figure out how to squeeze it all in, the show's gonna have to come out in an irregular fashion. Hopefully biweekly, but it might end up being triweekly (is that a thing?), at least until our personal lives get a little bit easier to navigate. Anyhoo, you guys rule and we thank you so much for listening. Until next time, we are your hosts, and we love you!


Keep being awesome,


Jeff & KC

Oct 19, 2016
Jeff Messed Up: Mini Episode 8 (I think)

This might be the 8th mini episode, I'm not sure. We wanted to make sure you get something in your feed this week, so here's Jeff talkin about everything that got deleted when his dumb ass hit the wrong button. Also, stay tuned for Erica Knapp's amazing laughs!


Closing Song: Some electro mix from YouTube

Oct 17, 2016
Episode 70: Brand New Season!

Season Three of Everything is Awesome and it is going off real damn soon! New episode should be out tomorrow; until then, enjoy this little taste of Jefe's sweet sweet voice. Ta!

Oct 10, 2016
Episode 69: Jeff's Big Four Oh No ft. Spenser O'Neill and Tony Lewis

The #3 most downloaded episode of all time!


In which Jeff is the guest of honor at his own fortieth birthday party, accompanied by Northwest comedy legends KC KAOS, Casey McLain, Spenser O'Neill, Tony Lewis, and Jill Silva; Chase Roper faces a harsh accusation (mediocre arson); ten minutes into the show it actually starts; Casey plows up Jeff and KC's spot; presidential candidates debate and our heroes abstain from watching it; the Mariners still have a shot (spoiler alert: no they don't); we remind you to listen to Casey's first appearance on the show in Episode 55: The Abortion Ghost Panic of 1878; Casey has a new sports podcast called The Swill; Jeff and KC explain why it's not easy being awesome; KC makes a startling revelation; we learn where KC's derbygirls practice [spoiler alert: Rollin 253 and Auburn Skate Connection]; Jeff is taken over by a positivity alien; Jeff cleans up dog poop OUTSIDE CASEY MCLAIN JESUS; the first derby bout of the you was awesome; Fast Girl Skates closes; Jeff's bicycle tire explodes; Jeff's best friend Erica calls in; Jeff tries to read an itunes review - can't find any; Tony does My Little Pony erotic fan videos (allegedly); Spenser O'Neill watches Magic Mike and makes sweet love; Jeff realizes who Jill Silva is and things get awkward; Tony appreciates Jeff as a person; Jill and Mark were Americans in Canada, and now they're in love; Kamryn Minch and Peeled Bananas gave Jilly a place to rock; getting adjusted to adulthood after the recession isn't easy;Jeff does a weird thing called opening presents; IMPROMPTU TWISTER!!!; Casey recalls the TalkBoy; Jeff recalls the 1ST EVER GAMEBOY!!!; Jeff loves KC (KC, CASEY, NOT CASEY, GET IT RIGHT WEIRDO I DONT LOVE YOU); Jeff gets Darth Vader Yoga Pants and Throw Pillow; Louis is farty; Jeff's dad sounds cooler with a British accent; Tony and Spenser face off for birthday presents; Tony feeds an old friend acid - goes to sleep; Tony calls out his coworker [Steve]; Casey's wife didn't see his until their wedding day; Tony loads up on axes; selfie-sticks have come a long way; Jeff throws card in vain attempt to not cry (I LOVE YOU KC); Jeff gets Bag of Holding - reveals mega D-and-D-nerd-ness; one time he got scared and crawled up inside it; Colleen Gray and Stan Shaw arrive!; Jeff gets a book about pruning; some loose female dogs cause trouble; Spenser hosts a podcast called Elephant Crossing; Jeff looks younger than Casey; we learn that Jeff has two gay dads; this is Spenser's last night alive; HI TONY!; Jeff gets punked by relighting candles gawldangit; Facebook tries to tell Jeff the score; Plugs are made, Podcasts extolled; candles are stamped out; and Jeff reads a special poem for the woman he loves [HINT HER NAME IS KAYCIE CAO AKA KC KAOS AND SHES AMAZING].



Skating at Rollin 253 and Auburn Skate Connection

In Porch Taste VIII: A Taste of Victory - Wednesday October 12, Bremerton

Band of Lovers: back to Tacoma - Friday October 21st 7 pm, Tacoma





Mental Illness Happy Hour with Paul Gilmartin

Last Podcast on the Left

The Nar Bar with Josh Firestine and Narin Vann


Songs in this episode:


"Star Wars Opening Theme" - John Williams

"This Lamb Sells Condos" - Owen Pallett

"Wake Up" - Arcade Fire

"I'm a Believer" - The Monkees


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Twitter: @EIAPodcast

Sep 18, 2016
Episode 67: I Feel the Injustice ft Yung Fern

In which KC expresses her interest in Snoop Lion; Snoop has a documentary on Netflix called Reincarnated; Yung Fern is reviewed for the Seattle Weekly; Fern explains the significance of Big Bitter, Ghoulavelli, Preacher Nicky, and Midnight Snack; Fern talks about welding in Alaska; the man interprets his own dreams, thank you very much; many dream subjects are really about penises; KC is awash in Instagram followers; therapists sound boring when you're young; Jeff inquires after a Mr. Peanut Butter costume; the Affordable Care Act is slighted and defended through grunts; Wilson and Sherman call for unity, while others actually do something*; KC reads her own strong words on 9/11; we discuss the generational impact of war; and more.




Go see Fern in Southern California or Nevada: @yungxfern on twitter, @therealyungfern  on Instagram

Sept 24th - Dockyard Derby Dames first bout of the season, 7 pm, Pierce College

Sept 30th - Skateclub with KC as a ref!

Sept 23rd - Oregon Trail with Jim Stewart Allen, 7 pm, Pocket Theater

Sept 28th - Bianca del Rio, Seattle

Oct 1st - Everything is Awesome presents Jeff's Big Four Oh-No, 7 pm,  Mailman Studios

Oct 5th - Creative Colloquy Crawl, Tacoma




Last Podcast on the Left

The Adventure Zone


Mental Illness Happy Hour with Paul Gilmartin

The Nar Bar with Josh and Narin

Like it or Not with Umi and Ahip


Closing Song: "KOSCHEI" - Yung Fern


Email us at:

Sep 8, 2016
Mini Episode 7: Introducing The Nar Bar

Evening Magazine and KING 5 fans: If you cane over to listen to the NarBar Podcast with Josh Firestine and Narin Vann, you're in luck! They have their own podcast stream now, available on ITunes and Soundcloud!


Here's the link to their Soundcloud page:

And iTunes:

Thanks so mucb for listening, and keep in touch! Keep being awesome!

Description: In which Jeff and KC welcome new podcast professionals Narin Vann and Josh Firestine to Mailman Studios to discuss their most excellent podcast, The Nar Bar; the fellas get a quick tutorial in podcastery; Narin explains what the Nar Bar is and why it matters; Facebook unfriends Jeff and Josh; Josh's guest hosting episode disappears into the secret vault; Jeff gets a President's blood on his waistcoat; we roll a special clip from the inaugural episode of "The Nar Bar" featuring food talk, unemployed Portlanders, and poop; Josh sings a wicked cool intro tune; and more!


Podcasts you should listen to:


Last Podcast on the Left

Smart People Podcast

TED Radio Hour

Elephant Crossing


Closing Song: "Heathens" by Twenty One Pilots

Sep 3, 2016
Episode 66: We'll Cut That Out (Trip to Chateau Ste Michelle) ft Bob Dick and Carol Olsen

In which Jeff and KC travel northward to the fabled Chateau Ste Michelle winery to attend the annual TBTL Picnic, Jeff's mom and dad come with; KC creates more chaos; Luke Burbank erupts with joy; hundreds of Ten ten it up all over the wine tasting room; Mom tells the story of the scandalous roommates; KC objects strenuously;  Dad and Mom debate pigeons in pairs; Snoqualmie Falls or Snow Lake?; Hawaiian military resorts are neat; Jeff tells a joke and no one laughs; KC tells of the time when Jeff ran to escape a wall of seafoam (and let his dog get swamped); directions are given and map apps debated; Jeff does not love computerized voices; Waze sponsors hithchiking and Jeff predicts more axe murder; Dad bums us out with the latest police shooting; more Waze chat; Mom fears the worst; Jeff shares his fruit fly-fighting secrets; Moms gots all the fly swatters; yawns proliferate;  Jeff pulls a classic Jeff; KC lays down the law as regards navigation; Mom and Dad share Waze horror stories; Jeff gets his garage door workin (not a euphemism); KC recognizes Janys AKA Professor Doom; KC and Jeff recap the TBTL picnic at Chateau Ste Michelle; Erica Knapp and the fam saved us a spot; "mook chu" means "sour face" in Cambodian; KC welcomes the Infinite Listener; God blesses America; Janys and Chris make the acquaintance of your favorite podcasters; KC gets her first fan hug; KC loves that Stranger Things stuff; Jeff pulls a semiracist boner; and Jeff waters weeds.


Closing Song: "Summer Love" from Grease


Podcasts you should listen to:


TBTL - Too Beautiful to Live with Luke Burbank & Andrew Walsh

Livewire Radio with Luke Burbank

After These Messages with Andrew Walsh & Genevieve Haas


Aug 28, 2016
Episode 65b: Comics of Destiny Part Two: Vaccine Chatter ft Michael Fitzgerald and Matt Lemanski

In which KC and Jeff strike out on the open road; KC's car gets worked on; the team goes to the liberry; Vaxxed is a documentary about vaccines and KC watched it; Michael Moore fudges some details; Matt mentions Eric Anderson of The Trouble With Trivia fame; Louis gets some homemade cheesecake on his beak; Freakonomics discussed re: abortions and crime; Matt's friends are turning 40 and still don't have children; Mike reminds us that having kids is expensive; the Ghostbusters are not a governmental organization; child psychic predicts vaccine-related autism; Merck and the CDC colluding to hide evidence?; Matt shares a deeply unsettling poem; turns out Mike was a journalism major and newspaper editor but doesn't consider himself a writer; Destiny City Comics Plug #13; Jeff and KC are driving to Seattle and talking plugs and podcasts, and more!


Closing Song: "Wrecking Ball (Ra Ra)" by The Vaccines




Hilltop Street Fair - August 27, Hilltop Tacoma

Chateau Ste Michelle TBTL Picnic - August 31, Woodinville

Jose's Hammertime - Sept 1, Tacoma Comedy Club

Bumbershoot - Labor Day weekend

Fruit Juice - Sept 3, Metcalf Manor Olympia

Dain Norman EP Release - Sept 9, Bob's Java Jive

Maria Bamford - Sept 17, Moore Theatre


Dolly Parton - Sept 21, Kent

Tacoma Moon Festival - Sept 24

Dockyard Derby Dames Season 11 Opener - Sept 24, Pierce College

DDD New Bruiser Intake Session - Sept 25

Bianca Del Rio - Sept 28, Showbox SODO

Skate Club - Sept 30, Southgate Roller Rink

Tegan and Sara - October

WFTDA Championship (and KC's birthday) - November 4, Portland OR

Susan Jones and JAMCO Comedy Series - Nov 19, Renton Civic Theatre


Like us on Facebook; rate, review, and subscribe on itunes; shoot us an email; tweet at us; Snapchat and Instagram; whatever you do, do you!







Aug 21, 2016
Episode 65: Comics of Destiny: The Mike and Matt Story ft Michael Fitzgerald and Matt Lemanski

In which macaroni and cheese is prepared; KC and Jeff do a double intro; Destiny City Comics Plug #1; we learn that Linda Blair was Mike's teacher at UWT; Tacoma Co-Op Closes; Destiny City Comics Plug #2; we debate Deep Tissue v Swedish; Harry Potter Midnight Release Party takes it out of Mike; Destiny City Comics Plug #3; Mike lays money down on Final Fantasy 15; Destiny City Comics Plug #4; Matt contrasts "Funhome" with "Are You My Mother?"; Jeff uploads episode through Deep Sadness; Three's Company is explored; Mike jumps the gun; Matt learns plants are different in Washington; neighbors want to cut Jeff's grass; Matt explains library life; locking horns is not gay slang; Matt prefers OkCupid; Emma Frost and Psylocke bring the boys together; X-Men Apocalypse receives a ringing endorsement; Destiny City Comics Plugs #5 and #6; Everything is Awesome changes name to Destiny City Radio Hour; Matt suggests an intertextual podcast; Matt writes a song; we ponder Weed Culture; Mike wins an award; KC plugs SegueFest 2016; Destiny City Comics Plug #7 #8 and #9; romance novels get even weirder; a big topic is hinted at (Stay Tuned for Part Two); and Destiny City Comics Plug #10!


  • Creative Colloquy Crawl at Destiny City Comics with Mikayla Eaves and Green Flash; 
  • Crescent Moon Gifts
  • Fred Bowski at the Blackstar Grill August 19


  • Trouble With Trivia
  • Ink Studs
  • Grit City Podcast
  • How Did This Get Made?
  • Getting Doug With High
  • WTF!
  • Star Date
  • Captain Blast-Off
  • Walking the Room
  • The Dollop
  • American Mythology
  • Planet Money
  • Lore
  • Sword & Scale
  • My Favorite Murder
  • Stuff You Should Know

Songs in this episode:

"Guttersnipe Bridge" by RA Scion and "Let Me Take You Higher" by Sly and the Family Stone

Aug 14, 2016
Episode 64: The Story of Little Queenie ft Linda Nicole Blair

In which Jeff and KC welcome to the studio Tacoma-based uber-educator, author, and singer/songwriter Linda Nicole Blair; we learn the rundown about Little Queenie and her long love affair with her husband; a rock that looks like Mordor hovers above the desert; KC celebrates the eleventh season of derby in Tacoma; KC edits her first movie; Nicole's parents plied her with books and spoken poetry; Mrs Basich rocks the literature education game; we learn about a supremely awesome 60s family band; cool kids take the bus in from the Harbor; hookups gotten, questions asked; Chopin, Mansfield, and Woolf do that poetry thang; an illegal immigrants' story makes us cry; Literary Darwinism is explained; Linda plays some original music; nights are wild and seas are heavy; seas roil beneath tundra; Jeff leads the Mutual Admiration Society; and Bianca del Rio is coming!


Songs in this episode:

"Indian Lake" by The Cowsills

"Wild Night","Little Queenie", and "Tennessee Honey, Mississippi Shine" by Linda Nicole Blair

Aug 1, 2016
Special Bonus Episode:  Shattered Worlds RPG: Day One

In which Jeff plays a round of Shattered Worlds RPG with five new friendos; the game is fun and Jeff aims to play it some more!


Contact Jeff at if'n you want to be a part of this exciting new frontier in tabletop dorkgaming. We're having lots of fun! We're gonna have our own podcast very soon!


PS  Go like us on Facebook: Shattered Worlds RPG

Aug 1, 2016
Episode 63: A Night in Paris with Jeff and KC

In which Jeff & KC rock it duo-style, asking each other questions and stuff; KC talks about a cool film called Gigi, with Leslie Caron; OG Ghostbusters gets harshly reviewed by KC; apparently Amy Schumer and Jon Cena had full-on sexy sex on the set of Trainwreck, which Jeff pooh-poohs; Big Bill Clinton was an obnoxious free trader; Jeff and KC disagree without being disagreeable; KC practices a lot of patience, and more!


Songs in this episode:


"Runaway" - AURORA

"Ophelia" - The Lumineers

Jul 30, 2016
Mini Episode 6: DNC Musings with Jeff & KC

In which Jeff plays a clip of President Obama's inspiring speech from the Democratic National Convention; Jeff and KC discuss his previous life as an anti-war activist and labor leader; we consider the possible danger of a Trump presidency; and Jeff makes up a little song.

Hope you like it!

Jul 24, 2016
Episode 62: Bully Issues and Reel Talk ft Eric Anderson

In which The Trouble With Trivia's own Eric Anderson returns to bro down with the squad, indulging in a flurry of pop culture topics as well as some deeper subjects; Prince demolishes Bowie at Skate Club; Stranger Things is a good show; Jeff and KC return to Creative Colloquy; Eric plays tabletop D & D in an online forum; Eric has two kids; his old webseries lives on in the zombie crypt that is myspace; we learn how Eric and Mike made their acquaintance; the topic of plagiarism is explored; Trump makes no sense and  doesn't seem to care; Eric explains why Trump's supporters make him so angry; optimists are often late; Eric explains the concept of the "negative optimist"; monkey minds and monks square off; Dan Harmon and Seeso bring forth cartoon nerdery; Pokemon go crazy; cats and backpacks; Eric gives us a peek at his upcoming graphic novel; strong women in nerdy pop culture; Zara steals from artists and sells clothes; Eric and Misha have a movie podcast in the works; Destiny City Comics is still the best place for comics; some plugs are thrown; Eric throws shade on Sublime (pre Rome); Jimmy Cliff has a sweet record with Tim from Rancid; and more!


Songs in this episode:

"Carnage" and "TOVirus" -  Eric Anderson

"Blast" - Clams Casino

Jul 19, 2016
Episode 61: I Will Crawl Under My Blanket of Sadness ft Jason Kaminski

In which Jeff and KC check in with singer/songwriter Jason Kaminski in his hotel room; we learn that the desert is hot; Jeff's cat Creampuff returns to the studio, safe and healthy, if a bit perturbed; America gets weird; we get to know Jason the man; his dad had some sweet records, including Bowie, Lou Reed, and the Beatles; Columbia House   returning with vinyl? Warm 106.9 was the soundtrack for KC's childhood; Jason strives to be the kind of teacher he wished he had had; KC gets political; Jeff reveals his desire to live the rock star life; Jason also mentions he has a band, Stalemate, who also have a new record out; writing deep feeling songs that express his realness is the Kaminski Method; Polish Vikings were the best Vikings; it's nice when people tell you how their music moved you; Walking the Room comes to an end; Jason's students sometimes ask to hear his music; and he recommends a podcast called Lousy Weather Media, from Akron, Ohio.


Songs included in this episode:

"Fireflies" and "New Orleans" -  Jason Kaminski 

"Breadwinner" and "Bright Lights, Salty Mouths" - Stalemate

"Ziggy Stardust" - David Bowie (RIP)

Jul 12, 2016
Episode 60: Rooftop Sparkler Party

In which Jeff and KC experience the highs and lows of Independence week in America; Jeff luxuriates in vacation-related relaxation; KC draws parallels between planning methods and eating candy in the health-food aisle; KC gets splashed on her tan; Lil Lady Mormont earns her own spin-off show; Jeff gets in a car accident; KC describes a great new documentary, The Beginning of Life; Gisele Bunchen-Brady gots some good childrearin idears; we honor Alton Sterling, RIP, but don't go deep into the issue (stay tuned, we have thoughts); Jeff reads friend of the show Erica Knapp's latest blog post, and gets some dust in his eyes; KC reads a fresh new poem, "The Tundra Sea"; and plugs are made and podcasts extolled (including Historiography, American Mythology, Hug Life, Mental Illness Happy Hour, and Everything is Awesome with Nerdy Kev).


Closing Song: "Cold In The Sun" - Jason Kaminski

Jul 6, 2016
Jul 6, 2016
Episode 59: American Mythology ft. Greg Carlock

In which the host of awesome podcast, American Mythology, Greg Carlock visits the studio via the magic of the internet; discussion of various and sundry topics affecting our lives as Americans takes place; Jeff japes while KC waxes poetical; and we cover other great podcasts doing it nearly as well as this one.


Closing Song: "Flood on the Floor" - Purity Ring


Check out Greg's rad podcast, and kick a few listens his way!


American Mythology:


Don't forget to contact us at

Twitter: @EIAPodcast @eljefetacoma

Instagram: @kckaos911

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