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Aug 21, 2016
Episode 65: Comics of Destiny: The Mike and Matt Story ft Michael Fitzgerald and Matt Lemanski

In which macaroni and cheese is prepared; KC and Jeff do a double intro; Destiny City Comics Plug #1; we learn that Linda Blair was Mike's teacher at UWT; Tacoma Co-Op Closes; Destiny City Comics Plug #2; we debate Deep Tissue v Swedish; Harry Potter Midnight Release Party takes it out of Mike; Destiny City Comics Plug #3; Mike lays money down on Final Fantasy 15; Destiny City Comics Plug #4; Matt contrasts "Funhome" with "Are You My Mother?"; Jeff uploads episode through Deep Sadness; Three's Company is explored; Mike jumps the gun; Matt learns plants are different in Washington; neighbors want to cut Jeff's grass; Matt explains library life; locking horns is not gay slang; Matt prefers OkCupid; Emma Frost and Psylocke bring the boys together; X-Men Apocalypse receives a ringing endorsement; Destiny City Comics Plugs #5 and #6; Everything is Awesome changes name to Destiny City Radio Hour; Matt suggests an intertextual podcast; Matt writes a song; we ponder Weed Culture; Mike wins an award; KC plugs SegueFest 2016; Destiny City Comics Plug #7 #8 and #9; romance novels get even weirder; a big topic is hinted at (Stay Tuned for Part Two); and Destiny City Comics Plug #10!


  • Creative Colloquy Crawl at Destiny City Comics with Mikayla Eaves and Green Flash; 
  • Crescent Moon Gifts
  • Fred Bowski at the Blackstar Grill August 19


  • Trouble With Trivia
  • Ink Studs
  • Grit City Podcast
  • How Did This Get Made?
  • Getting Doug With High
  • WTF!
  • Star Date
  • Captain Blast-Off
  • Walking the Room
  • The Dollop
  • American Mythology
  • Planet Money
  • Lore
  • Sword & Scale
  • My Favorite Murder
  • Stuff You Should Know

Songs in this episode:

"Guttersnipe Bridge" by RA Scion and "Let Me Take You Higher" by Sly and the Family Stone

Aug 14, 2016
Episode 64: The Story of Little Queenie ft Linda Nicole Blair

In which Jeff and KC welcome to the studio Tacoma-based uber-educator, author, and singer/songwriter Linda Nicole Blair; we learn the rundown about Little Queenie and her long love affair with her husband; a rock that looks like Mordor hovers above the desert; KC celebrates the eleventh season of derby in Tacoma; KC edits her first movie; Nicole's parents plied her with books and spoken poetry; Mrs Basich rocks the literature education game; we learn about a supremely awesome 60s family band; cool kids take the bus in from the Harbor; hookups gotten, questions asked; Chopin, Mansfield, and Woolf do that poetry thang; an illegal immigrants' story makes us cry; Literary Darwinism is explained; Linda plays some original music; nights are wild and seas are heavy; seas roil beneath tundra; Jeff leads the Mutual Admiration Society; and Bianca del Rio is coming!


Songs in this episode:

"Indian Lake" by The Cowsills

"Wild Night","Little Queenie", and "Tennessee Honey, Mississippi Shine" by Linda Nicole Blair

Aug 1, 2016
Special Bonus Episode:  Shattered Worlds RPG: Day One

In which Jeff plays a round of Shattered Worlds RPG with five new friendos; the game is fun and Jeff aims to play it some more!


Contact Jeff at if'n you want to be a part of this exciting new frontier in tabletop dorkgaming. We're having lots of fun! We're gonna have our own podcast very soon!


PS  Go like us on Facebook: Shattered Worlds RPG

Aug 1, 2016
Episode 63: A Night in Paris with Jeff and KC

In which Jeff & KC rock it duo-style, asking each other questions and stuff; KC talks about a cool film called Gigi, with Leslie Caron; OG Ghostbusters gets harshly reviewed by KC; apparently Amy Schumer and Jon Cena had full-on sexy sex on the set of Trainwreck, which Jeff pooh-poohs; Big Bill Clinton was an obnoxious free trader; Jeff and KC disagree without being disagreeable; KC practices a lot of patience, and more!


Songs in this episode:


"Runaway" - AURORA

"Ophelia" - The Lumineers

Jul 30, 2016
Mini Episode 6: DNC Musings with Jeff & KC

In which Jeff plays a clip of President Obama's inspiring speech from the Democratic National Convention; Jeff and KC discuss his previous life as an anti-war activist and labor leader; we consider the possible danger of a Trump presidency; and Jeff makes up a little song.

Hope you like it!

Jul 24, 2016
Episode 62: Bully Issues and Reel Talk ft Eric Anderson

In which The Trouble With Trivia's own Eric Anderson returns to bro down with the squad, indulging in a flurry of pop culture topics as well as some deeper subjects; Prince demolishes Bowie at Skate Club; Stranger Things is a good show; Jeff and KC return to Creative Colloquy; Eric plays tabletop D & D in an online forum; Eric has two kids; his old webseries lives on in the zombie crypt that is myspace; we learn how Eric and Mike made their acquaintance; the topic of plagiarism is explored; Trump makes no sense and  doesn't seem to care; Eric explains why Trump's supporters make him so angry; optimists are often late; Eric explains the concept of the "negative optimist"; monkey minds and monks square off; Dan Harmon and Seeso bring forth cartoon nerdery; Pokemon go crazy; cats and backpacks; Eric gives us a peek at his upcoming graphic novel; strong women in nerdy pop culture; Zara steals from artists and sells clothes; Eric and Misha have a movie podcast in the works; Destiny City Comics is still the best place for comics; some plugs are thrown; Eric throws shade on Sublime (pre Rome); Jimmy Cliff has a sweet record with Tim from Rancid; and more!


Songs in this episode:

"Carnage" and "TOVirus" -  Eric Anderson

"Blast" - Clams Casino

Jul 19, 2016
Episode 61: I Will Crawl Under My Blanket of Sadness ft Jason Kaminski

In which Jeff and KC check in with singer/songwriter Jason Kaminski in his hotel room; we learn that the desert is hot; Jeff's cat Creampuff returns to the studio, safe and healthy, if a bit perturbed; America gets weird; we get to know Jason the man; his dad had some sweet records, including Bowie, Lou Reed, and the Beatles; Columbia House   returning with vinyl? Warm 106.9 was the soundtrack for KC's childhood; Jason strives to be the kind of teacher he wished he had had; KC gets political; Jeff reveals his desire to live the rock star life; Jason also mentions he has a band, Stalemate, who also have a new record out; writing deep feeling songs that express his realness is the Kaminski Method; Polish Vikings were the best Vikings; it's nice when people tell you how their music moved you; Walking the Room comes to an end; Jason's students sometimes ask to hear his music; and he recommends a podcast called Lousy Weather Media, from Akron, Ohio.


Songs included in this episode:

"Fireflies" and "New Orleans" -  Jason Kaminski 

"Breadwinner" and "Bright Lights, Salty Mouths" - Stalemate

"Ziggy Stardust" - David Bowie (RIP)

Jul 12, 2016
Episode 60: Rooftop Sparkler Party

In which Jeff and KC experience the highs and lows of Independence week in America; Jeff luxuriates in vacation-related relaxation; KC draws parallels between planning methods and eating candy in the health-food aisle; KC gets splashed on her tan; Lil Lady Mormont earns her own spin-off show; Jeff gets in a car accident; KC describes a great new documentary, The Beginning of Life; Gisele Bunchen-Brady gots some good childrearin idears; we honor Alton Sterling, RIP, but don't go deep into the issue (stay tuned, we have thoughts); Jeff reads friend of the show Erica Knapp's latest blog post, and gets some dust in his eyes; KC reads a fresh new poem, "The Tundra Sea"; and plugs are made and podcasts extolled (including Historiography, American Mythology, Hug Life, Mental Illness Happy Hour, and Everything is Awesome with Nerdy Kev).


Closing Song: "Cold In The Sun" - Jason Kaminski

Jul 6, 2016
Jul 6, 2016
Episode 59: American Mythology ft. Greg Carlock

In which the host of awesome podcast, American Mythology, Greg Carlock visits the studio via the magic of the internet; discussion of various and sundry topics affecting our lives as Americans takes place; Jeff japes while KC waxes poetical; and we cover other great podcasts doing it nearly as well as this one.


Closing Song: "Flood on the Floor" - Purity Ring


Check out Greg's rad podcast, and kick a few listens his way!


American Mythology:


Don't forget to contact us at

Twitter: @EIAPodcast @eljefetacoma

Instagram: @kckaos911

Jul 4, 2016
GoT Season Finale Superchat with Fred Bowski and Friends!

In which Fred, Tabitha, and Caleb join Jeff and KC to experience the Season Finale of Game of Thrones "The Winds of Winter"; predictions are made (and challenged); Dorn!; spears and guys with spears; huge twists requested, huge twists received; the introduction of 'Lil Stabby; the burning of that wack church; one "bloop" to the kidney; Tommen takes a tumble; we ponder Cersei's next move; Sam and Gilly find the liberry; Jon doesn't seem to wonder why the Knights were taking their sweet time to join the battle; Davos finds the magic stag and gets real P.O.ed; winter decides to show up (finally); crop rotation in the Seven Kingdoms; Olenna rocks some sweet sweet baldspot-covering hats; Denaerys leaves Dario for sexier climes; [the crew forgets to mention Tyrion and Danaerys are broin down like old school homies]; Arya timelapses and serves a delicious Frey facepie; [SPOLIER DELETE]; Sansa's like nah whatever; Lil Lady Mormont gives a badass speech; we get that Targaryen information; Jon Snow gets just what he always wanted; Cersei's Oscar dress is iced out and bangin; the crew engages in a substantive discussion of Westerosian Geography; teleportation and dragon-ridin Varys; Jeff tells quite possibly the most hilarious jokes in show history; and another season of television awesomeness is at an end. Til next year, throners!


Song this episode: Game of Thrones Soundtrack Season 6X10 - Ramin Djawadi

Jun 26, 2016
Game of Thrones Chat

In which Fred Bowski returns to discuss Season 6, Episode 9: "Battle of the Bastards"; the Season Opener is recalled, which began with a whimper; Tyrion and Khaleesi got some things to work out; dragons be comin to burn those masters; CGI is decent; the drawbacks of dragonriding and the power of Kiegel exercises; D-Day, PTSD, and slaver sailors diving for their lives; Jon Snow is not havin it; Melisandre is all live and let god; Tormund and Davos bro down on kings and queens and stuff; Yara pops the booty and Daenerys catches feelings; the bastards face off; flayed men and Rickon a-runnin; Sansa understands the game; why didn't the giant cut off the shields before they closed in on everyone; theatrical surround; piling the bodies; awesome swordfighting; Knights of the Vale roll in late af; the giant punches the door while Bolton dummies shoot; Ramsey gets the shit kicked out of him; Ramsey goes out in the worst worst way; and stuff be gettin cray.


Closing Song: Game of Thrones Soundtrack Ramsay suite

Jun 26, 2016
Episode 58: Son of a Mob Hit Man ft Derek Sheen

In which Seattle standup comedy hero Derek Sheen stops by the studio for an interview: Derek's father had some interesting adventures as a mafia hit man; Derek played guitars; a sixteenth birthday goes seriously awry; a bad father is also a terrible criminal, just bad at it; Derek gets a job and bugs out; Derek dispenses strong advice on anger (and parenting); Derek reveals the freedom of not having children and keeping connected with his spouse on the road; we discuss the gun thing, the Tronald, and r-a-p-e; Jeff praises Derek for his facility with words; Jeff reads a thing he's been writing; Derek explains what sort of comedian he wants to be; and much more!


Closing Song: "Baptized in Muddy Waters" - Ayron Jones and the Way

Jun 24, 2016
Mini Episode 5: Derek Sheen Game o' Throne Brodown

In which famed Seattle comic Derek Sheen delivers hard-hitting analysis and sophisticated predictions on the awesome season of television that is this year's Game of Thrones. Stay tuned for the full episode of awesome talk with Derek, coming soon!


Closing Song: "Girl Harbor" - Manchester Orchestra

Jun 24, 2016
Game of Thrones Chat

In which Jeff and KC revisit the awesomest of sword and sorcery shows, Game of Thrones; Circe is portrayed in a very poignant way by Lady Crane; Arya bleeds in a closet; Lady Crane is apparently an ass-kicking badass; the Hound lays a hardcore beatdown on a gang of dufuses (including one icky bumfingerer); a red priestess/Vampire Diarist preaches while Varys and the most famous dwarf in the galaxy bid their adieus; Circe faces off with her former lovin jerkhead cousin; Circe chooses head ripping; Brienne crushes on Jaime; Bronn teaches Pod how to brawl (after touching his junk); Brienne fails once again; King Tommen pulls a dick move and blows off his mom; Missandei takes the walk of shame; Jaime offers to chuck Edmuir's kid over the walls; Blackfish gets his swordfight on; fire rains down on the pyramid at Mereen; Daenerys Stormborn finally returns to kick some slaver ass; Clegane gets some new boots and might head north; waif rolls T2 style on a bathhouse chasedown; Arya slices a candle and we don't get the fight; a new face shows up on the wall and Arya heads back home.


Closing Song: "Daenerys's Theme (Chorale)"

Jun 19, 2016
Episode 57: The Floating Dead ft. Phil Dirt

In which Jeff and KC interview the super talented roller derby announcin, secret-job havin, heat stroke survivin, former punk rock super Spokane stallion Phil Dirt; KC gets her ocean party on with the Marauding Mollys; the hobbit from Love, Actually is discussed in exhaustive detail; Hillary wins New Jersey; Jazzbones gets the most DUIs; zombies are effing swimming now, for Christ's sake; and much, much more.


Songs in this episode:

"My First, My Last, My Everything" - Barry White

"I'm So Bremerton" - White Girl Wasted



Jun 19, 2016
Game of Thrones Chat

In which Jeff and KC tackle the issues raised and plots bloody of the most recent episode of Game of Thrones: "The Broken Man"; The Hound hears a nice speech and then all his friends die; Lady Olenna puts a harsh burn on Cersei; Margery tells Grammama to get her old backside back to Highgarden; Sansa gets schooled by a little lady; Davos bros down and makes the sale; The Blackfish hits Jaime with a real Downton Abbey style burn; Yara likes the hoes and tells Theon to sack up; and Arya gets set to dip before plans go a bit wonky.


Closing Song: "The Bear and the Maiden Faire" - The Hold Steady


Jun 18, 2016
Game of Thrones Chat

In which Jeff and KC discuss the latest episode of Game of Thrones, Episode 6 Season 6 "Blood of My Blood". All sorts of great stuff in this one, especially a super great kiss.


We love this show!

Jun 14, 2016

In which Jeff remembers the victims of the Orlando shooting and reads their names.

Jun 12, 2016
Episode 56b: More with Seranine

In which we gain a deeper understanding of the life and ideas of Seranine, beginning with the aftermath of her family's car accident; her unfolding understanding of who she was and who she would become; music, acting, modeling, and social media; looking for work as a trans woman in transition between lives; and more.

Closing Song: "With Arms Outstretched" - Rilo Kiley

For some reason there's a bunch more stuff after the song. Not sure why. Magic?

Jun 9, 2016
Episode 56: My Trans Life ft. Seranine

In which Jeff and KC make the trek up north to sunny Shoreline, Washington, to interview the fascinating Seranine, blogger, model, musician, and inspirational online personality; Sheryl Crow receives her due; Billy Corgan fails as a human; Seranine's sickness sounds like stoniness; doctors say she's a boy, but her screams disagreed; her multiplayer online gaming characters stood in as proxies for her undiscovered truth; her emotional age stopped and now the years are flooding back; listening to fans and being there without advising; modelling effective communication strategies; Asian moms and conditional love; creepy doll with draining bottle doesn't arrive; Seranine calls her friend Jen #myfavoritemistake; Jeff and KC get all mushy and misty; Jeff is going to see the Mariners; listen to Livewire and the Mental Illness Happy Hour; and rabies is a liberal trans plot.


Songs in this episode:

Seranine "Five Kinds of Subtraction" and "Queen Anne"

Jun 1, 2016
Episode 55: The Abortion Ghost Panic of 1878 ft. Casey McLain

In which Jeff and KC rub elbows with one of the Northwest's premier podcasters, Mr. Casey "Hardwood" McLain (of the Offspeed Podcast with Aaron Kirby); they discover that stats are the future of sport; Casey reminds us that some weird coach somewhere said "I'm a man! I'm 40!"; we learn about Pete Palmer and his linear weights; with stats, even a lowly blogger can reach the mountaintop of web journalism, in the form of a Landing Looker Outer turned Fangrapherazzo; stats and managerial accounting are like long-lost twins; aborted children tend not to increase the rates of violent crime (at least not since 1878); famed local comedian and podcaster Monica Nevi encourages us to stand up against hate; next week's host of Everything is Awesome is determined by a trial by combat, with Lady KC going up against the crafty veteran Dude Casey; we learn that Casey talks about beer as well as sports (get his work at; and Casey rattles off some dates where you can see him do his thing. Standup. Comedy. Go see it, Tacoma (you too, Richland, Auburn, and the rest of you slightly less awesome cities).                     


Closing Song: "So. Good" - Johnny Stinson

May 31, 2016
Game of Thrones Chat:

In which Jeff and KC return to the epically bad-A show that is Game of Thrones (or, as KC calls it "The Games of the Throne") to discuss various and sundry topics illuminated onscreen thereby; Child Foresters are seen piercing men with black things; Sansa gives Littlefinger a piece of her mind (while also passing his news off as her own); Jon Snow furrows his brow; a Tormund leers at a Brienne; KC is "not having it"; KC been getting caught up; dragons, inspirational speeches, and touching goodbyes; some other stuff with Daenarys and Meara and other ladies who really kick ass; and yeah, that terrible, awful thing that Bran has to witness (or cause, depending on how you see it), namely, the death of a lifelong friend and faithful companion; and the internet breaks as a result.


P.S. Listen to next week's episode with Casey McLain to find out about Dude Casey, Lady KC and much more!



May 22, 2016
Game of Thrones Chat

In which Jeff and KC discuss the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, Season 6, episode 4, "Book of the Stranger"; our heroes go over the plot, their favorite moments, studying the characters and their motivations, and speculating wildly over the upcoming revelations of this most awesome show.


Songs in this episode:


"Game of Cats" performed by El Jefe Tacoma

"Jacked Up Theme" performed by El Jefe Tacoma

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